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Sterling Silver and 14K gold bracelet with Ethiopian opal

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material: Opāls
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Sterling Silver and 14K gold bracelet with Ethiopian opal

Bracelet width 6mm
Bracelet thickness: 2mm

The bracelet is slightly adjustable

100% handmade

Production time ~ 14 days

If you have any questions, feel free to email

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Opal - Opal is special in its color and luster. It contains 10% water and the internal structure is made of tiny microscopic beads, which create a special opalescent glow due to various refractions of light. Opal reflects water games and is afraid of heat and drought. In heat and dryness, opal quickly loses its wonderful luster as the water dries. In this case, by placing it in water, after a while the stone seems to come to life and again becomes beautiful and shiny. Opal is relatively fragile.

Opals can be different colors - black, dark, gray, white - milky. Fiery opal can be yellow-red, brown-red

Energetically, opal includes seven spectral colors and is therefore very powerful as a healer. It improves the condition of all internal organs, protects against infections, toothache and headaches. Opal removes any contaminants from the body, cleanses the circulatory system, heals the kidneys, stomach and intestines.

Opal is a mascot of talented people and practicing magic. A gold ring with white opal is a mascot for medical professionals, giving them the ability to alleviate the suffering of others. The gold ring with black opal is a magic mascot, which gives the stronger ones the ability to predict.


Metāla kvalitāti apliecina Latvijas Republikas proves biroja zīmogs uz gredzena, kā arī pārbaudīts akmens un izsniegta kvalitātes zīme.

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