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Sterling Silver bracelet with 14K gold and Ethiopian opal

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material: Opāls
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Sterling Silver and 14K gold bracelet with Ethiopian opal

Bracelet width: 13mm
Opal 10x7mm

100% handmade

Production time ~ 14 days

If you have any questions, feel free to email

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* As they are natural stones, their color may vary slightly

Meaning of opal:
In general, opal helps to strengthen personal and business relationships.
It is often called the stone of happy dreams and change.
Opal is a soothing stone that helps balance mood swings and increase confidence in your feelings.
Opal awakens both mental and mystical properties.
Opal can also release fear and send soothing support to those who are sad.
At the physical level, Opal can help improve memory, make the birth process easier, cool fever and fight infection.


Metāla kvalitāti apliecina Latvijas Republikas proves biroja zīmogs uz gredzena, kā arī pārbaudīts akmens un izsniegta kvalitātes zīme.

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